F2 Agreement Form Assam

4. Any person who makes an offer shall complete the usual printed form indicating the sentences in which he is prepared to make each work. Tenders which propose to modify the works indicated in the form of call for tenders mentioned above, within the time limit laid down for the execution of the works, or which include other conditions of any kind whatsoever, may be rejected. No tender may include more than one work, but contractors wishing to call for tenders for two or more works contracts must submit a separate tender for each of them. Tenders must write the name and number of the work concerned outside the envelope.5. The Executive Engineer Chief Engineer, PWD (Roads) or his duly authorized assistant will open tenders in the presence of contractors who may be present at that time and will start and date the tenders. If an offer is accepted, a receipt for the money they transfer shall then be paid to the contractors, who shall then sign, for the purpose of identification, copies of the specifications and other documents referred to in Rule I. If an offer is refused, the money transferred with such an unsuccessful offer is then refunded to the contractor who does the same.6. The Executive Engineer Chief Engineer, PWD (Roads) has the right to refuse all or part of the offers without justification. 1. All work proposed for performance by contract is communicated in the form of a tender pasted on a panel hanging from the office and signed by the Sub-Divisional/Executive Engineer (Chief Engineer, PWD ( Roads) Assam.

The form shall complete the work to be carried out, the date of submission and opening of the tenders, the time scheduled for the execution of the work, the amount of money to be deposited at the time of the tender, the amount of the security to be paid by the successful tenderer and, where applicable, the percentage to be deducted from the invoices. Copies of specifications, drawings and drawings and all other documents necessary for the work (with the exception of the current general specifications of Assam, which certainly do not have to be signed for the contractor) for identification purposes by the sub-divisional/executive engineer Chief Engineer, PWD (roads), Assam are also intended for inspection by the contractors at the office of the sub-divisional Officer / Executive Engineer / Chief Open Engineer, PWD (roads), Assam during office hours.2. . . .

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