Temporary Substitute Motor Vehicle Agreement

(8) As part of a car rental policy (APV-281), the insured is replaced by more than one RoadStar package: the Roadside Plus plan according to Division 4 of Part 9 or the rental policy (APV-281 or APV-281L) is covered, the insured is reimbursed only as part of the package or policy that grants the insured the highest or highest amount of the refund , and if the amounts are the same, the company can determine the parcel or the directive, it is the case. (7) If more than one Roadside Plus package provides coverage to an insured person, family members are reimbursed only for such a package related to a car accident. The Supreme Court held that since the term “temporary replacement” is not defined in politics, it would take into account the ordinary and everyday meaning of the words used. The court said: “It is customary to rent a car, use a rental vehicle or rent a car to a friend or family member while the main vehicle is maintained or repaired. 4. If the insured is entitled to collision protection under this division, both for damage to the motorcycle and its equipment, for damage to more than two motorcycle helmets and if the damage results from the same event, the amount of collision cover can only be applied once to an occupant of a vehicle exempted by paragraphs 43 or 44 of the Act. , whether the vehicle is operated by a person on a driver`s licence or by a “recreational vehicle,” a motor vehicle whose cargo area has been modified by the insertion of devices so that the use of the vehicle is primarily for personal or recreational purposes; (5) In this section, “applicant” means the person named in a certificate to the wearer as the owner, lessor of a vehicle or co-owner of a vehicle. c) in conjunction with the workshop that repairs the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle. (b) the applicant submitted invoices for services provided in point 1 to the company within six months of the loss, accompanied by acceptable evidence of the loss of motor vehicle use.

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